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EV3, NXT, and WeDo Teacher Training Workshops

With years of working with LEGO MINDSTORMS we can offer workshops tailored to your needs. Just call Kathy at (303)439-9522 for more details.

Project Based Education Links

Current educational systems in much of  Africa revolve around classroom practices and curriculum built upon Remembering, which is the lowest end of the spectrum of Higher Order Thinking.  This foundation for educational structure stagnates under the weight of rote memorization as the primary tool for the recall of information. In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking).  

                           We have put some links together to help you start your classroom on an adventure that could change the future of your students. I say start because your assignment as the teacher is to discover what works best for you and your students and pass it on to other teachers.

                            We have broken the links into catagories but many of the links have multiple subject ideas and helps. The first ones are the most important to check out as a teacher. You will find that there are many more sites to explore. (below description)

Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI) is a collection of Internet accessible information resources of interest to those involved in the fields related to Special Education. This collection exists in order to make on-line Special Education resources more easily and readily available in one location. This site will continually modify, update, and add additional informative links. (description below)


Classroom Materials Makers

The generators below will allow you to make classroom materials by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer. Your creations are exclusive to you. If you would like to keep your creations, save them when you make them.

Great site

elementary projects and resources site (description below)

Completing class projects can be fun for your students, especially if they know exactly what is needed. Creating guidelines can be time-consuming though, so we've made a way for you to do it in no time! To make a project checklist for your students, first choose the grade level for the type of project you want your students to do. You can choose from writing, presentation, multimedia, or science projects. On the next page, choose from our list of project guidelines, and make a checklist with the touch of a button! You can even add your own criteria to personalize your checklist. (descip below)

EduHound Site Sets are collections of topic-based online education resources. Provides valuable ed tech resources to incorporate into 
your curriculum. Educational topics, templates, technology tutorials, and practical tips are featured.
 Will take you anywhere and everywhere for links to research, free

downloads for resources to create lesson plans and more, etc - Project Based Learning and thematic units Integrating technology into your curriculum (descript below)

Problem-Based Learning engages students with fuzzy, messy problems such as we encounter in real life. Students work in teams with projects they develop based on higher order thinking, collaboration, communication, and "just-in-time" learning of content and skills. In the current climate of standards and frameworks, this is a powerful teaching method for addressing a number of standards simultaneously and economically. Portfolio assessment relates Problem-Based Learning to particular frameworks and benchmarks. Explore the links below to learn more and see examples of this strategy, currently used in about 80% of medical schools, as well as K-12! Project Based Learning for the 21st Century - Outstanding videos showing successful models of PBL worldwide

  • Googled: toothpick brain challenges for kids We love this site for critical thinking skills

Math, Science, Engineering, and ICT

Rock Candy from water and sugar

Science     1000 experiments - fabulous science site full of simple hands on experiments for a variety of subjects - experiment below

Coat-Hanger Chimes

Tie the middle of a 3-foot long piece of thread to the hook of a cost hanger. Wrap the ends of the thread around the second finger of each hand, stick these fingers in your ears, and allow the hanger to bump against a rigid object. Big Ben never sounded this good!

www.monstersciences...(find the rest) (saved file in Curriculum development science) (tech site for ICT use) expirement done at workshop gyroscope making a simple one video

Language, Reading, and Writing (lang arts high school)

History, and Social Studies (soc studies) (soc studies)

Special Needs Classrooms

Alphabet Freaze

Teaching Ideas  for Special Needs Kids (blind student site)

Good for ALL Categories Main Site for Teaching Ideas - fabulous science site full of simple hands on experiments for a variety of subjects (Great wording for our presentation on the overall look at PBL) (Info for teachers on creating a lesson plan) (site that has each subject and grade level...pbl for each) (great site divided by subjects)...maybe not, check It out (downloads for matt and me to get?) (six stepps to planning a project) (article..real world issues motivate students)

Fun Games to Chisel Your Brain Download Tons of Them for Free! (teacher activites) (brain training games)

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