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Kenya Internship

Kenya STEM Education Summer Internship


This will be our 7th year working with the schools in Kenya. We have worked with LEGO Foundation to provide LEGO Educational Kits to many schools around Kenya. Every year we come back and do more teacher training and student workshops. There is a national robotics tournament that we put on every June. 

New this year we will be reaching out to a Maasai Village to build a women training center and a well to supply the community with water

They have had a drought for many years and loose cattle every year to the lack of water. Bellow you will find a Donate Button so you can be a part of this amazing outreach. Every penny goes directly to the trip. If we raise extra it goes to gifts and more supplies for the schools we work with. This year it will go mostly to the Maasai School to help with scholarships for the children too poor to attend.



If you are supporting one of our student Interns you will need to send us an Email explaining where you want your donation to go. Otherwise it will be put in the Kenya General Fund and used where needed for the trip. If you want your donation to go to a specific need just write it in and we will verify it went where you wanted. All funds donated will go straight to the Kenya project. We have key areas that need help if you want.

1. School Supplies - We will be going to 6 + schools this summer and leaving supplies for the teachers and students. Examples are Robotics Kits, Hands on Projects, Lesson Plans, General Supplies.

2. One of the schools is in the largest slum in the world. There we want to take general school supplies and LEGOs.

3 Our last school will be in Southern Kenya at a Maasai school and community. They will need school supplies and lesson plans.



If you would like information on joining us, please contact Kathy at  




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