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Kenya Internship










Kenya STEM Education Summer Internship     

This will be our 11th year working with the schools in Kenya. We will be focusing on STEM programs for Maasai schools and Osiligi Odede, our women's training center and preschool.

Our Maasai Family

In 2019, we saw our best year of momentum for moving forward with Osiligi Odede Women's Center. The land was purchased, water found, a bore hole drilled and capped, our first building constructed - a small workshop - a water tower built, plumbed and water flowing, and, the first of our Osiligi Odede companies launched at the center.

This year we will move on to Phase II which will involve continued construction, building more businesses and laying the groundwork for agricultural and environmental pilot projects revolving around tangible goals to provide education  and skills that will improve the quality of life for the Maasai.



Sponsors on Our Team

If you are a sponsor supporting one of our Student Interns or chaperones, you will need to send us an email referencing to whom or where your donation should apply. Otherwise it will be put in the Kenya General Fund and used where needed for travel arrangements.


If you would like your donation to go to a specific part of the project, when you open the donation button, it will allow you to specify what part of the project you are taking part in as a sponsor. We will verify through an email that your donation was applied to that area.


Thank you for your interest in being on our team as a sponsor. All funds donated broaden and enrich our capacity to develop STEM education in Kenya. 



2024 Trips: All trips include a visit to the Elephant Orphanage and a Safari. Food, Lodging, and Airfare. Some meals are not covered.
June 2024 - Maasai Women's Training
Center and Preschool $3600 10 Days
June 2024 - General Construction $3300 8 Days
October 2024 STI -Science, Technology and Innovation Pilot project 

MORE TRIPS for 2024-25

TBD 2024-25  - Educational teacher and
student training teams - at Maasai Osiligi
Odede and in Kenya schools Approx. $3500 8 to 14 days

 TBD 2024 University Teacher
Training - STEM & Project Based Learning
Contact us for apprentice information 
June 2024 or 25 - Sports Camp!

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