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So Many Things to Update

Though COVID stopped us from doing what we had done in the past, it forced us into new and innovative ways to reach more students and teachers.

  1. Our Arduino Classroom sets. After 3 years of work and research (We started right before COVID) We started with 2 pilot schools and now are working with more secondary schools and 2 universities to start iSTART Innovation Clubs.

  2. iSTART Learning System (iLS) Boxes. This is a set for primary schools to teach STEM and Project Based Learning. It is designed to work with or without electricity since many of the schools we work with do not have electricity.

  3. iSTART Smart. We have started a product line of children's' toys that are made in Kenya for Kenya families so the cost is very low and it is not just a toy but a learning experience.

  4. Maasai Project. We are working with a Colorado University to bring more agricultural and livestock training to the Maasai men as we train the women business skills and the children Preschools

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