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Covid 19

Here I sit in my house! Day 28. Yes, we started early because we just got back from Kenya on the 10th of March. We are doing fine. If you want to join me I am on a FASTING FEAR fast. When ever I get anxious or afraid I eat a chocolate. (Yes I am gaining some weight but having fun doing it.)

Our main concern right now is our friends and family in Kenya. Here in the US we are getting support from local and federal government. In Kenya the closed everything down but the families are on their own. Most don't have refrigerators to preserve food so they are running out. All street vendors are closed and that is where everyone got their food. We are putting a page together to send money over. We have many contacts that have volunteered to help take the food around to the neighborhoods we work with every time we go to Kenya. Nakuru, Kikuyu, and Kajiado where our Maasai Women's Center is. We are giving the water away for free to help them to put the money they do have toward food.

We would love you to partner with us!

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