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Get Ready for 2020! It's going to be and amazing adventure!

Wow, If you are following me you know it's been a while. To catch you up we went to Kenya 3 times last year with three different teams from around Colorado. In March we finalized the purchase of 5 acres in Kajiado County way deep in Maasai Land and brought a construction team to build a bridge to the property.

I June was our big push. We brought a High School team to introduce Solar Powered Lighting into the Manyata's- homes. They installed 20 units as a test to see if it was a viable option. I know it impacted the students as much as the Maasai.

We also brought a core support team that worked on getting the Bore Hole (Well for Water) drilled and tested. We ended up with twice the water as any other local Bore Hole.

At the end both teams joined together and we had our first Maasai Thanksgiving Feast. Over 300 Maasai came and we slaughtered 14 goats to feed everyone.

We returned in November to finish construction of the water tower and install faucets for the local families.

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