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Updated: Sep 7, 2017

Well, we are finally over our jet lag and working on our summer robotics camps. The inner city one is next week and we can't wait. This will be our third year and one of our students who has been with us from the beginning will be a mentor this year!

We are working with Faninden Home to keep them going. This week they had some of their teachers step down because they haven’t been able to pay them for a few months. But we are hopeful about the school because the parents are trying to help out as much as possible and Kathy has been working with their administrator to stream line their costs. We are also sending them teaching materials to help. It is a challenge though because most of the parents don't know how to read. Kathy came up with some great ideas to help and the teachers that are still there are very encouraged. Please keep praying for them.

Faninden Building

The Kenya Phase II will be moving a week or two because Peter and Ester Keiyoro are coming to the United States and we have set up a meeting. They are one of our main contacts in Kenya and they know other schools in Tanzania and Uganda. We are getting daily updates from at most of the schools and they can’t wait for us to come back. On the next trip we are hoping to bring MINDSTORM kits and computers.

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