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Colorado State FTC Championship Tournament

Updated: Sep 7, 2017

WOW! That was a long time away. Last weekend we ran the Colorado State FTC Championship Tournament. We had 37 teams from all over the state compete to represent Colorado at the World Tournament this April. This was our 5th season, our biggest, and our best. We started in 2008 with 5 teams and this year we had over 40 registered!

The Knights who say C took home the Inspire award and the Robo Wizards 2.0 where the captains of the winning alliance. Both teams have received an invitation to the World Tournament. The winning alliance was made up of the Robo Wizards, Red Meteors, and the Robo Wizards 2.0. We will be posting Pictures and the tournament video latter this week.

You will be seeing more of me now that the tournament is over. Some of the upcoming topics will be:

Kenya Update – Tax exemption finally approved after 7 months of red tape!

Brainwave controlled robots- Our FTC Robotics team (760) will be researching thought controlled robotics to reach out and include paraplegic’s students on their team.

Bots for Belize- One of our high school teams (4064) will be taking robots to Belize to introduce it into the school system as an after school program.

The more funds we receive the more we can send down. Only two more weeks

Summer Camps – Elementary, Middle School, and High School level classes.

Robotics Symposium in Denver – May 11, 2013

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