All Bracelets and Arm Bands


Antiques and Others

Medium Sized Necklaces

    Unique Goat Horn Hangers 

and Bracelets


Wrist Ornament from Daily Life,

Double Necklace,  Med and

Long Necklaces


 Choker and Long Necklace


Bracelets and Small Beaded Cloth


 All Chokers and Necklaces

Small belt, Bracelet,

Small and Medium Necklaces

Maasai Wedding Head

Ornament from a Wedding, Belt,

Long Necklaces That Can Hang

As Wall Ornament


Maasai Upper Arm Bands,

Long Necklace, Neck Choker


     Medium Double Necklace

Exquisite Beaded Cloth,

Choker and Long Necklace


All Belts and Wraps

Specially Designed Neck

Wear That Can Be Wall Hanger

and Large Choker


Wall Hanging from Daily Life,

Several Necklaces Med to Lg

Traditional Maasai

Woman's Belt From Daily Life


Large Ornament on wire beaded



Belt from Daily Life, Choker

and Medium Necklaces


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