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We are gearing up for an amazing trip next June. This page will be for the team that is going and anyone wanting to be the team behind the team. This page will have all the communications and updates as we move closer to the actuality of being there. 

The donate button on this page is set up to go directly to the June 2019 account and it will ask "Who is this donation for?" after you select how you are paying and how much. We will be working personally with each team member to set up specific goals and payment plans.

If this donation is for a specific student or teacher please specify their name. If it is a general donation to the overall trip please write "General" in the "Who is this donation for?" box

Thank You for supporting our efforts!

Click on the Subscribe buttons below if you are wishing to be set up on a monthly automatic payment account to pay for your trip. If you are wanting to donate to help a specific student or support the project click on the donate button and specify where you want the funds going.

Thank you for your support.

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